£16/M2 Cove 40mm





This is a very high quality grass. The piles stand at 40mm high and very dense. Our Cove range is made with seriously high quality yarn making it soft and comfortable to stand on. This grass is slightly cheaper than our Great range but is still extremely high quality, and looks just as natural, however they both have there differences.

Available in 2m and 4m wide rolls and up to 25m in length.

Cove 40mm Artificial Grass Specification: – Yarn Dtex: 4,000 – Total Weight per m2 (inc. backing): 2,563g – Pile Height: 40mm – Stitches per m2: 23,100 – Strands per tuft: 32 – Water permeable backing – Child and pet friendly – UV resistant – No sand infill required

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