Here at T&S we offer premium grade artificial grass at prices that are significantly lower than prices you will find on the high street! There are many different variables that affect the price of artificial grass. We believe in educating you, so that you can make an informed buying decision.

The grass we sell is far from the cheap, bargain basement grass you see in a lot of places. We like to supply grass that is a minimum of 30mm tall and up to 40mm tall. Our grass is extremely dense (23100 – 25800 blades per/m). The yarn used in our grass is premium making it very soft to touch and giving the grass a seriously natural and realistic feel.

The backing on our grass is seriously tough, and drains water extremely well this means the grass will last longer, in-fact we can guarantee our grass will look just as good after 100 years than it did on day 1!

Our grass is also non toxic making it completely safe for children and animals! Cheap artificial grass is often made from recycled materials containing lead or cadmium and this can be very dangerous!

All of our grass is UV resistant, meaning it is protected by sunlight which could make the grass fade if it was not UV stabilised during manufacturing.

Interested in buying our grass to fit yourself?

We can offer you our premium quality grass at prices starting from £14 a m2. This is a bargain considering the quality of our grass. If you were to buy grass with specs like ours on the high street you would be looking to pay around £45 m2.

Want someone to fit it for you?

Now that’s when our expert landscapers and installers come into play! They can come to you excavate, prepare your surface and fit your grass in hardly any time at all! That is not all our landscapers can do, they can build retaining walls, prepare and lay patios and block pavers, build fences, decking and much more!